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Cobra Programming Language Plugins For SharpDevelop 3.2 and SharpDevelop 4.0

The plugins support

1) Syntax Higlighting
2) Making Of new and opening of already existing cobra projects/solutions
3) Debugging when compiled with -d:1 -sharp-args:/o- compiler switches
4) Error and warning messages reporting in the Output window under Build option.
5) Project and file templates
6) Making Of Exe, Winexe, Dll or Netmodule assembly
7) Running Cobra Tests

These plugins are in alpha stage which means they are not polished as ought to be, but work well
for general purpose.


There is a more mature and feature rich addin for COBRA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE ,
than this one developed for Monodevelop/Xamarin Studio by
Mr.Ramon Rocha available at .
It can be run on Ubuntu, Apple(OS) and Windows or any platform where
Mono CLR can be run. So try it for better experience.

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